17 November 2011

Got to Go


This time, I'm gonna live my life. I ain't no stepford wife. No I ain't perfect. Gonna find somebody who's worth it. And no u ain't that person. Coz u, i caught u constantly flirtin' with my bestfriend. So I guess I'll say goodbye. I'll find me another guy. Why u always making me cry. I can't stand it. No I can't stand it. No u can't be my man. It don't matter who u are, even if u were a star. You've got to go. So I guess I'll say goodbye. Go go go go go go. Read my lips I'm living and no I ain't teasing. This time it's for real. Gotta find u another girl coz this one sure ain't staying. By the time u finish what u're saying. I'll be gone.

p/s: Admire this song. Najwa's voice was very vavavoomm gituw~ and the big reason why u must love her, because she's big talent and hot! *auww~~*

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